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The CAUCUS at ASA 2019

Check out all of the really cool events we'll have this year at ASA:
LGBTQ Caucus Mid-Morning Coffee Social
Kahve Coffee (786 9th Avenue)
Sunday, 8/11 -- 1:40 PM to 3:30 PM
Whether you’re a morning person, prefer not to go to bars, or just love coffee, we wanted to host another social and networking event this year to provide more opportunities to meet other LGBTQ sociologists! 
LGBTQ Caucus Business Meeting
Hilton Midtown, New York Room
Monday, 8/12 -- 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
The Caucus business meeting will cover all the usual business meeting goodies: information about awards, elections, finances, open call for agenda items from the room, and more! It is among the least-boring business meetings at ASA, and all are encouraged to attend. Afterward, many will stick around for the Sociologists for Trans Justice meeting following after ours, and then head to our joint reception as a group from there. 
LGBTQ Caucus Evening Happy Hour (joint with S4TJ)
The Stonewall Inn (53 Christopher Street, New York, New York)
Monday, 8/12 -- 9:30 PM
In long-standing Caucus tradition, we’ll be going out to a local queer establishment after our Caucus meeting to soak in some queer space and community!  Since we have many members that also attend the Sociologists for Trans Justice meeting (immediately after the Caucus meeting), we’ll be traveling from the hotel to the venue at 9:30. Stonewall is the site of the famous 1969 Stonewall Riots. Note: the ground floor is accessible but the second floor is not.
This year, the Caucus will have a limited number of drink tickets available to help defray the cost of attendance at the social!

LGBTQ Caucus Workshop, Session 3517: Dealing with the Service Trap
Hilton, Second Floor, Murray Hill East
Monday, 8/12, 4:30 PM -- 6:10 PM
In this workshop, LGBTQ scholars will discuss ways to navigate the service trap, or the ways their home institutions rely on them to provide a lot of service, which often looks like scholars spread thin and scholars being tokenized for their marginalized identity. Some topics that panelists might address include: how to form one’s ‘no committee,’ how to balance work-life, how to navigate the academy as graduate students and junior scholars; how to be scholar-activists; how to be publicly engaged and address being harassed on social media when trying to translate research to the public and so on. 

Our panel consists of scholars at various stages of their careers who will speak to a variety of strategies for navigating academia at different career milestones, ensuring that the workshop is useful to a variety of sociologists. The panel is be racially/ethnically diverse to ensure that our workshop is not only relevant to LGBTQ sociologists who study LGBTQ issues, but also LGBTQ (and non-LGBTQ) scholars whose research interests go beyond the scope of LGBTQ studies. We also want to account for the ways that trans and nonbinary sociologists of color navigate academia differently. No affiliation with the Caucus will be required to attend this workshop in the spirit of building bridges with other sections and increasing Caucus visibility within ASA.

This workshop is ideal for the 2019 Annual Meeting because it is important to consider the challenges that trans and nonbinary scholars may face in academic spaces under the Trump Administration, at both the federal and state-level. Our panelists will reflect upon strategies to be utilized and potential departmental or disciplinary practices to be implemented that will provide more inclusive and equitable graduate school, job market, and career experiences for trans and nonbinary scholars.
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